Families with children who have unique challenges often struggle to find truly effective support with school issues.  You deserve a team of experts with the personal experience and expertise to get results.

PASS Advocacy is a team of educational professionals focused on supporting families with special needs children. We are the only advocacy group offering highly specialized expertise in all areas of support, including academic, behavioral, emotional, and physical needs.

Additionally, PASS offers support for post-institutionalized children and adoptive families, and children with spectrum diagnoses. Our goal is to help parents and caregivers advocate for academic support services, classroom accommodations and/or educational placement, while also being uniquely positioned to support schools and teachers.

While most advocates and advocacy groups tend to focus on an adversarial approach, PASS recognizes the limitations of that model.  By far, the most direct route to meeting a child’s needs is to support all stakeholders and approach every situation from a respectful stance.  PASS specializes in open, authentic communication designed to help everyone in the child’s sphere return to a position of support—of each other and most importantly, the child.

Even if you feel that your situation has deteriorated enough to warrant legal action, PASS is ready to provide assistance that may just turn things around.

The team at PASS offers a variety of services:

  • Navigating and expediting the process of acquiring special education services
  • Document/IEP/504 plan review for suggested modifications, accommodations, and interventions
  • Assessment review and suggesting targeted interventions
  • Attending meetings with parents or on behalf of parents (virtually or in person)
  • Parent coaching in effective advocacy
  • Direct teacher coaching and support
  • School-wide professional development on trauma-informed teaching and learning
  • Facilitating improved communication between the family and the school
  • Providing mediation when the parent/school relationship has become adversarial
  • Addressing other school-related concerns, customized to your specific issues
  • Identifying and pairing families with available community support
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